Cleopatra’s Skincare Branding: Fluid and Elegant

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Cleopatra is considered to be an iconic mark of beauty. She nurtured her body with pure and natural products which are mentioned in her cosmetic book entitled Cleopatra gynaeciarum libri. She established an elaborate laboratory and cosmetic workshop, En Bouquet, dedicated to researching herbs, and creating perfumes and medicinal ointments. En Bouquet is a conceptual skincare and cosmetic brand that reiterates the story of queen Cleopatra and celebrates her famous bath rituals through skincare products for Gen Z.



Researched and designed by Jaspriya Sahmey as a project at Savannah College of Art & Design, all products are inspired by the natural ingredients used at Cleopatra’s workshop. There are four main product categories – bath, skincare, haircare, and perfumes. Each product is unisex and has a unique color palette derived from the ancient ingredients – such as Juniper berries, Moringa and Henna leaves –used in their making. To create further audience engagement, there are interesting legends printed on each product; for example, it is said that Cleopatra prepared a paste made of ground horse teeth and deer marrow to cure Julius Caesar’s baldness.



To enhance the colorful fluid patterns, and to add an aura of elegance that celebrates the brand’s vision, Jaspriya Sahmey chose Neenah® Folding Board, Natural Pearl, 128 lb Cover, for the packaging.