Stone Creek’s New Box Set Hopes To Engage Coffee Geeks

Milwaukee WI-based Stone Creek Coffee has embarked on a new project called Field Reports. The company is producing Case Study box sets that are designed to spotlight notable producing partners in different coffee growing regions.

colombia-box-open-stone-creek-740x410 copy

The goal of each box set is to create something that is immediately accessible for customers to engage with; the format allows for multiple examples of whatever theme the company is working on, and includes a poster to communicating both visually and anecdotally what Stone Creek is doing.

Shown here is a limited edition Colombia Field Report, the first of an ongoing series that will focus on different countries. “What we wanted to do was provide a simple overview of the 2-3 things we thought were unique to Columbia,” says Stone Creek Director of Coffee Christian Ott. “We came up with harvest cycles, growing regions, varieties, and a little bit on processing.”

colombia-nice-package-box-740x410-1 copy