The GDUSA Podcast #10: Ben Levitz of Studio On Fire

This podcast is sponsored by NEENAH and the IDEA SHOP BY NEENAH, a place for print and package designers to browse and explore inspirational ideas for paper-based products.

STUDIO ON FIRE is a Midwestern company based in St. Paul, Minnesota; owned by husband-and-wife-team Ben and Stacy Levitz. Their printing operation started in 1999, when Ben rebelled against the grind of designing behind a computer and bought his first printing press. This early basement studio stationed a Chandler & Price platen press between the boiler and the clothes dryer and just a step away from the cat box. Fast-forward twenty-one years — that basement hobby is now a truly unique commercial print shop with a battery of presses and a crew of talented people. That first press still sits  in the entryway of their shop.

They proudly represent the best version of craft manufacturing here in the United States of America. They own the 19,000 square foot building that has been their home for the last five years.


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Podcast art by Maliya Naz