Viceroy Creative Brings Together Patron and LALIQUE in Synthesis of Cultures

Viceroy Creative has brought together Patrón tequila and French crystal maker LALIQUE in a collaboration featuring a one-of-a-kind art piece holding the rarest, oldest blend of Patrón tequila. LALIQUE is a symbol of French luxury and a daring lifestyle brand, and its continued focus on craftsmanship, quality and exclusivity has resulted in a large brand following of avid collectors. Viceroy Creative strategized, ideated, selected, curated and designed the partnership for Patrón along with LALIQUE.

As described by Viceroy, the concept for the project was “a synthesis of flavors, of cultures. A surprise that leads to greatness. To perfection. The story of Patrón en LALIQUE Serie 1 is about fusion. A collision of tradition. Traditions of hand craftsmanship, quality, authenticity and provenance. Each small batch of Patrón tequila is nurtured, from maturation of the blue weber agave to hand selection and harvesting of the finest piña by skilled artisans, through to distillation and bottling in the heart of Mexico. The process requires time, skill and attentiveness to ensure exceptional quality and preservation of heritage in every bottle of Patrón. The journey to creation of a LALIQUE decanter is similar in nature, requiring the same precision, skill and attentiveness to achieve the quality and artistry consistently delivered in each of its handcrafted designs. Provenance is embedded in each brand, from the French aesthetic in each LALIQUE piece of crystal to the tequila harvested in Jalisco, Mexico.”


The crystal decanter features a floral agave pattern with an amber colored piña shaped stopper sits in a leather and moonstone box. The package is inspired by heritage, utilizing materials from Mexico and French design cues, and the box includes a booklet and video featuring the brand story. The video was created by Mullen Lowe US.