Vodka Brand Cultivates Outsider Identity

In its first work for Graybeard Distillery, The Republik of Durham NC has developed the brand identity for launch of the client’s first product, Bedlam Vodka. To reach the intended target market, spirit drinkers looking for something new and who don’t identify with current vodka market brands, Bedlam is cultivating an “outsider” identity.


Entirely hand-lettered, the bottle carries extensive messaging, including such mottos as “Vodka need not burn” and “Perfected by our ancestors, seven centuries ago” and “Spirits are our birthright” and “Forged by noble monks.” Creative director Robert Shaw West describes the design style as somewhere between “rustic” and “punk.” The bottle is silk-screened with a 20% tint of black and cool grey 6. Art director is Matt Shapiro, assistant designer Brandon Guthrie and copywriter Neil Hinson.