Jeff Brandi


Jeff Brandi is the Chief Creative Officer of the internationally recognized corporate reporting design firm Curran & Connors. His passion for conceiving new ideas, along with his ability to work with a diverse range of creative talent, has enabled him to help build and lead an award-winning creative team at Curran & Connors. During his 20+ years of professional experience, he has developed brand identities and visual systems, crafted messaging and positioning, provided graphic design and creative direction, as well as delivered digital strategies for a variety of stakeholder communications touchpoints. Jeff has helped lead the creative efforts of the annual reports and corporate social responsibility reports for some of the world’s leading brands. His client relationships include ADP, At Home, Colgate-Palmolive, Kroger, Lowe’s, National Basketball Association (NBA), Royal Caribbean, United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee and more. Jeff finds his inspiration and perspective through the great work and creative ideas of his dedicated teammates at Curran & Connors, as well as the love and support of his three children.


(Shown here, pictured left to right are Tracey Corace, Mike McMurray, Criz Malonzo, Deirdra Kearns, Brenda Mayo, John Lantz, Megan Lukas, and Jeff Brandi … “many though not all of Curran & Connor’s amazing team”)


Looking forward, are you optimistic about the role of graphic design in business, society, culture and causes?

Very. The over-saturation and stimulation we’re exposed to on a daily basis make it difficult for important messages to stand out. With the window to make an impression so slim, smart, insightful, well-researched, and expertly executed graphic design is the best way to bring attention to critical subject matter.


Have the challenges of the past two years changed the way you approach your work?

The past two years inadvertently provide much-needed work-life balance. Each member of our team has adapted differently and adjusted their schedule accordingly to better suit their lives. It’s great to see people approaching their days with better peace of mind without compromising the quality of their work.