Matt Sia


With almost two decades of design agency experience, Matt brings a range of skills from a background of brand identity, packaging, fashion and advertising to his role as the Creative Director at Pearlfisher New York.

As a designer, collaborator and leader, Matt seeks to elevate an amazingly talented team, encouraging a culture of challenging category conventions and celebrating big ideas. He has led a range of projects for both challenger brands and icons, from innovations such as hum by Colgate and Tecate ALTA to premium spirits for Diageo, Campari and Beam Suntory. Most recently, he had the privilege of partnering with McDonald’s to lead the global redesign of their food packaging. Matt believes there’s something special about creating emotional connections with an audience through visual language, which pairs perfectly with his passion for storytelling.

Whether he is exploring ways to perfect and innovate recipes in the kitchen or writing and performing music, Matt is typically building, sculpting or creating in some shape or form.


Looking forward, are you optimistic about the role of graphic design in business and society?

Visual communication helps shape the constantly evolving landscape of storytelling. Standing out for the right reasons is so important — for both social causes and business. Because of this, it’s our responsibility to continue finding thoughtful ways of engaging with audiences. I’m not only optimistic — I’m excited for what’s in store.


Have the challenges of the past two years changed the way you approach your work?

The events of the last two years have shaken society’s ability to process events and information both emotionally and physically. In many ways, this change has created space for deeper connections between brands and their audiences. While we’ll continue to tell stories with substance, this means there are newer entry points into our hearts and minds. We’ve had to evolve the way we build trusting relationships, find purpose in the work we do, and strike a better balance with how we spend our time. Whether it be a collective space, remote, or finding a healthy balance of both — the connections we strive to make with our audiences and with each other have become more valuable than ever before.