Megan Junius


Megan Junius, President and Creative Director of Eight Moon™, leads the firm with the philosophy that valuable brands combine an exciting blend of compelling ideas, strategy and creative flair. Working closely with clients to understand objectives, she’s able to deliver creative solutions that produce those ‘aha’ moments.

Megan and Eight Moon have experienced many “aha” moments in the firm’s 25-year history. The momentum truly began in 2011 for Megan, when she took over from its original founder. A talented, experienced designer in her own right, she intentionally built her business acumen, graduating in 2014 from the Small Business Administration Emerging Leaders program.

In growth mode for nearly a decade, Megan has strategically led the firm in developing her creative team, retaining, and adding clients, and escalating revenue by 20% since 2018. In 2019, the firm rebranded itself as Eight Moon, which refers to the final phase in the lunar cycle when the moon is a slim crescent in the pre-dawn sky; when creativity is most likely to flourish and when imagination unfolds. Things have unfolded positively recently with a vibrant new office move to the Creative Enterprise Zone in Saint Paul, MN, and WBENC certification. In addition to producing a range of media for clients, Megan expresses her leadership, business and design savvy daily — always ready to jump in and style photoshoots, or source anything from software to signage to SEO. The creative team has also evolved to offer new services and consider digital-first branding.


Looking forward, are you optimistic about the role of graphic design in business and society?

What we do as designers has never been extra, it’s always been integral. Communicating complexities in meaningful ways places graphic design at the heart of a company’s brand. Visual impact is one way to stand-out from the competition and design can make a positive change on all levels possible.


Have the challenges of the past two years changed the way you approach your work?

We’ve stayed close to our clients’ challenges — increasing their reliance on us. With massive work/ life changes, we’re now called upon to shape new strategies like supporting women leaders, as well as fill gaps in marketing and design as employees resign with little notice and new hires are slow to onboard.