Reba Joy Billips


It all started with one special internship at Peter Mayer after I graduated from Loyola University New Orleans’ Graphic Design program, that launched my now 10-year career. While at Peter Mayer I learned invaluable lessons about designing for big brands, creating processes to create efficiency, building file organization foundations that create ease, working extreme volume, stewarding brands, and so much more, within the first two years. I worked on a spectrum of clients, ranging from brands like Zatarain’s and Centurylink, the largest telecommunications company in the US.

From there I segued to a role as the sole designer for a 15,000 attendee festival, designing every experience from large format signage, print programs, designing stage graphics, animation intros and so much more. There were over 300 unique pieces created for the initial festival. And from there I worked for 5 years as the Creative Director of The National WWII Museum, where I established the foundation for the work, and workflow we are able to maintain to this day. Building file structures, naming conventions, style guides, and more alongside a small team of incredible people. This work, and the stories we get to share, are incredible. In the midst of it all, my best friend and I founded Scout, an intentional design duo. Our business is rooted in co-creating the birth of your ideas, bringing that vision to life, with you. In my current role as a UX Designer, I work for a company called Litify, transforming the legal industry. All that is to say, I am happiest at any organization, empowering and supporting a team, bridging communication gaps, establishing relationships, creating efficiency, and being trusted to do what I know how to do best. Create.


Looking forward, are you optimistic about the role of graphic design in business and society?

It feels like now, more than ever, the field of Graphic Design (and the many names it goes by) is becoming invaluable across industries. Though, as creators, we have also known the impact we bring, but now companies across industries are giving Design a seat at the table. Understanding and appreciating the way that design and design thinking impacts the relationship between your brand and the world.


Have the challenges of the past two years changed the way you approach your work?

COVID has definitely shaken the world in many ways and the realm of work is no exception. In the beginning, it felt like a tall order to shift from working within an office every day, to working through apps like Slack and Outlook, but we did it. Somewhere in the middle of it all, I had enough space from the hustle and bustle of traditional environments to discover new ways of working that worked better for me as a person. In all honesty, I often worked more than I would if I were in the office but having the time and space to take care of myself along the way was transformative. So yes, it shifted me and helped me discover balance in the way that I work.