Takeaway #3: Hopeful About the Future

Designers are hopeful, even confident, about the long term value and viability of the graphic design business. They see, perhaps more clearly than ever, that graphic design can be a vital tool in helping to rebuild, renew and reshape companies, brands, organizations, communities, the health system, the economy and, in the broadest sense, social trust and the social contract.


I’m hopeful. This is a hard time for every industry. Post-crisis most businesses will need tools to reinvent themselves and we as graphic designers will be crucial in that process.

I am hopeful. People engage with brands and content that they like. A designer, a marketer, a communications expert — these are the people who make that happen. This pandemic has brought to light a lot of the value that designers and marketers bring to the table.

I am hopeful that people are seeing how important creative messaging is during a time like this and in the future.

I truly believe that once the virus and the fear subside we will return to the great economy that we were enjoying.

I am very optimistic and hopeful. We are always grateful to our clients and for their trust in working with us, and this philosophy will never change. Creatives who understand how they can adapt and pivot to serve their audience now, particularly with regard to physical distancing, are the ones who will survive.

It’s a little early, even unseemingly, to talk about opportunities. But I believe that the graphic designers are uniquely suited in skills, talent and temperament to help advance the recovery.

This ultimately will be beneficial to my business but every organization will be impacted differently.

We have been very fortunate to maintain and even grow our business. We have been proactive during this time — just being there for whatever our clients need, even if it is not project based but just community based.

I have been just as busy during this work from home time, so I feel confident about my company.

I am hopeful for the creative business. We are crucial to communication. Look at all the commercials right now that are helping companies and brands to stay relevant. I work in-house at a medical company so we’ve been busy.

The pandemic has increased the need for design and collateral materials. In-person conversations often are impossible and we have to communicate in different ways at different times. Well-designed materials help with that. Brand awareness is also paramount because you can’t communicate to an audience that isn’t there. Building the brand has become more important in the eyes of business leaders.

I foresee a decline in job opportunities. Standardized design results created by do-it-yourself computer programs and online companies have become a norm. Dollars are saved but creativity is lost. My business has shrunk to the point where I now do primarily specialized scientific illustrations along with general design work for long-term customers.

I’d love to be optimistic, but this is a game changer. Hopefully businesses will eventually adjust and start spending money again on their marketing efforts.

The creative community, like most industries, has a hole to dig out of. I believe we have the tools to do it and that, a year from now, we’ll be better off than ever. Pessimism has never won a battle and that is what we are in.

It’s hard to say what will happen. We are just trying to stay afloat until business picks up again.

Among our Creative Services Department of approximately 30 people, one person was laid off and one furloughed. We fared rather well because the company overall lost 10% to lay-offs and furloughs. We do think there will be an even greater shift to digital media going forward, although we’re still receiving many print project requests as well.

Our inhouse design group has continued to work and do it well. It can be done.

My biggest concern is that the things I design for are eventrelated — invitations, posters, etc. — and these may be impacted for a while. In general, I think the creative and design business can adapt and thrive.

My company was well-positioned for fast changes and has relied heavily on the marketing department to communicate changes and updates to our clients.