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In this world of screens, gadgets and gizmos we NEED the tactile quality of paper. As humans, the ability to hold, smell, feel, touch, and interact with materials is paramount to our sense of wellbeing and our sense of being grounded. And remember, science still tells us that the physical act of handling paper, pages, books, etc., allows us to better retain the information we read.

In my professional work, I often use print materials to create marketing materials, presentations, and reports. I find that print materials are more effective than digital materials in some cases, such as when I need to make a strong impression or to provide information that needs to be easily accessible offline.

I still prefer print but that’s just not the nature of my business anymore. Paper doesn’t allow us the same flexibility as online communications.

If I am creating an invitation, I want the paper to feel special. If it’s a poster, I want it to be more of a cardstock with a nice finish so it can withstand the environment and stand out.

We do our LookBooks every year for our clients, and we send 300+ copies out a year. We also create and make these for our big clients every year. I feel it is important to have this done to build credibility in the market, and to showcase your work as a reminder to all your current clients and future clients.

‘Paper’ is still one of the most viable ways we earn our referrals believe it or not, as an agency. Hard to not see/touch/appreciate your hard work when our catalog is in a client’s hands.

Print is and will always be important. It’s a form of communication and by that alone we need to understand the value and importance paper or print graphic design shapes our style of communication. It holds a realm that digital cannot. It is tactile and dimensional.

I’ve been in printing for over 25 years and have seen the shift from more standard stationery printing to specialty printing. We still do traditional stationery but work more with dye-sublimation and flexible packaging.

I 100% believe in touch and permanence. People need reminders of things in-hand. If everything was solely digital, it can be clicked off of, skimmed over, or scolled past so easily. Print in hand is still just as effective. Our company, which is predominantly print, hit record breaking sales last year, and is already projected to do the same again.

While more and more content seems to be moving toward digital platforms, the remaining print items take on a new significance… and are probably surviving — maybe even thriving — for a good reason. New technology doesn’t always completely displace an older technology. Sometimes, it just creates a new space, while the older technology takes on a narrower relevance … So, yes, print and paper still matter, just in an evolving way.

I think it will still be a long while before people give up giving out business cards. I know that some people do still like to be able to hold a physical newsletter to read. Also, if I get something online — it’s much more likely to be lost in my email than something physical that I set aside to read (but that’s just me).

Print is very important to us. Over the past 5 years, our business model has changed dramatically. We have transitioned from mostly working for clients to working almost primarily for ourselves. We print and promote our unique illustrations, painting, designs and photography. We still do work for a few non-profits, whose causes we belief in, but our focus now is all about creating art and selling prints of that art… The papers we print on are archival, and have a specific tactile texture and look that enhances our work. The right paper is critical to our brand.

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