Select Comments: Is Print Important in Your Professional Life?

It is very difficult to trust what is coming onto my screens these days. A printed piece, a letter, a brochure, a catalog, direct mail piece makes me feel more comfortable and more likely to consider a purchase.

Yes! As a package design company, print is very important to us, as is the whole experience of touching and interacting with the paper/ package that provides the consumer with an emotional connection.

Print is alive and very much has a place and a purpose. Email communications for advertising are deleted multiple times daily without even opening. Print is a clearer communication method and has much more credibility.

The visual and tactile attributes of paper can’t be duplicated. They provide instant credibility and a sense of permanence. You can use a textured paper background in a photo or take a photo of the surface and add that credibility to visuals that lack that tactile nature.

Most digital design executions are hollow, void of relevant concepts, and will not endure. It is driven by trendy motion-based executions. It exists within a world of followers rather than innovators.

Placing ink on paper is permanent. Thought-provoking print-based assignments require a higher level of thinking, design expertise, and greater sensitivity to nuances of the visual arts profession. Print-based design is a concept driver medium. An experienced print designer offers the audience a tactile experience that digital will never be able to deliver.

Print and paper’s traditional strengths still matter. Touch: There is something special about the feel of paper in your hands. It is a tactile experience that can’t be replicated on a screen. Permanence: Print materials are more permanent than digital materials. They can be stored and read for years to come. Credibility: Print materials are often seen as more credible. This is because they are more difficult to create and distribute, which makes them seem more legitimate. In conclusion, print is still an important part of our lives. It has many strengths that digital materials can’t match, and it is still a valuable tool for both professional and personal use.

We’re still struggling to get the quality of paper we could before COVID. But printed materials are still a very big part of our customer experience: direct mail, print ads in trade publications, brochures, and trade show materials. We are making use of QR codes more at shows, recruitment events, etc. but people still pick up physical copies at these events.

Taking a break from a digital experience is soothing and can be a significant boost to mental health. I find a calmness in print that doesn’t [yet] exist in digital media. With print, motion is represented through composition, and the mind is open to imagination — taking time to see “layers”, details, and other intricacies of design without being led by digital motion. There’s an element of natural discovery and sophisticated thought processing that occurs with print.

People recognize that our digital world is often an unhealthy or unpleasant one. A printed piece slows us down and engages all of our senses, and gives us a hands-on experience that digital media simply cannot.

Tactile projects have a longer shelf life then digital projects. The budgets may be smaller but print projects trend to be more impactful.

In the industrial truck scale industry, people still like to initially look at brochures and catalogs to get a sense of what they’re considering. They may or may not from that point jump onto a website for more information.

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