New Ruche Premium Creped Papers ‘Feel Like Cotton’

CTI Paper USA has introduced Ruche™, a luxurious, environmentally responsible offering of premium creped printing and packaging papers. A new category of text and cover papers, Ruche features a creped surface with a handcrafted look and a soft, cottony feel.  Applications include social and business print communications and specialty packaging;  Ruche is engineered for letterpress, inkjet and certain flexographic presses as well as production foil stamping, engraving, embossing and die cutting. “With the introduction of Ruche, we have created a new and unique family of premium papers that is an affordable alternative to cotton-based substrates,” says CTI Paper USA President John Kelly. “This brand is luxurious and artistic, providing a rich, highly tactile surface that looks and feels like cotton.”


Offerings include an 80-lb. text and 100-lb. cover in white, cream, natural gray, blue and black.  A double-thick 170-lb. cover is available in white, natural and black — along with three duplexes in white-black, white-natural and black-natural for double-sided printing.The papers are available in a variety of folio and cut-size sheets, with carton quantities as low as 75 sheets.  Three sizes of matching envelopes are also available in all colors.  The gpapers are made from up to 100% recycled post-industrial cellulose; select Ruche products are FSC certified; others are pending certification.