Engine Digital Blends Content and Commerce On Kit and Ace Site

Kit and Ace recently tapped Engine Digital to reimagine their e-commerce platform through the use of editorial content. Kit and Ace, which already has a carefully considered in-store experience and consumer engagement in its DNA, tasked the digital agency to help reimagine its web and mobile strategy.


Taking cues from non-fashion and apparel brands, which place high importance on delivering exceptional customer service, Engine Digital’s solution was to showcase these values through content, weaving the brand’s editorial content with transactional shopping – which typically exist at two very distinct sections of an E-commerce site – in a cohesive way.


Engine Digital designed the experience so that people have the ability to shop on various content throughout the site, including the client’s online magazine The Brief – and add items to their cart without ever leaving the content itself. The site also mimics that of a social feed; it blends branded content alongside products, allowing Kit and Ace to promote products that align with the content to create a more personalized shopping experience.