Flow Cosmetics Picks Sustainable Metsa Board Paperboard

Flow Cosmetics, a Finnish natural cosmetics company, has selected paperboard from Metsä Boardas its packaging material of choice for its range of shampoos, body and face soaps. MetsaBoard Natural FBB was selected for its visual appearance, lightness, and ecology. In addition, the uncoated surface of the paperboard offers a natural look and feel.


“As part of our zero-waste principle, we chose sustainable MetsäBoard Natural FBB board. We wanted to ensure that our products are natural all the way through to the packaging, and that they comply with stringent quality requirements,” says Riitta Jänkälä, Founder and CEO of Flow Cosmetics. “It’s also important to us that all of our packaging boards are recyclable after use.” Adds Jari Halminen, CEO of Papermark, the packaging manufacturer: “Durable, ecological and stylish packaging is integral to the attraction of a product and adds to the customer experience. Ecological and sustainable packaging makes the product relevant and significant.”