Mohawk Makes A (Beautiful) Memory

Written by GDUSA intern Maliya Naz. 

Beautiful Collection Swatchbook and Companion Piece

Mohawk Fine Papers recently refined and reorganized its paper portfolio into five distinct Collections that help make choosing papers by their  properties and attributes easier.  Mohawk’s paper grades are now grouped into the Beautiful, Sustainable, Expressive, Elevated, and Practical Collections.  In connection with The Beautiful Collection –  is comprised of papers that offer the highest quality materials, consistency, and uniformity –  the milll has released the Beautiful Collection Swatchbook and ‘Make a Memory’ inspiration piece. Both are designed by Hybrid Design of San Francisco CA.

The Swatchbook features the entire Beautiful Collection of papers which includes Mohawk Superfine and Mohawk Options. Beautiful Collection papers are manufactured with FSC Certified pulps, using renewable energy credits (RECS) from Green-e® certified energy sources. Every color, texture, and basis weight available within the Beautiful Collection is represented across three waterfalls of paper swatches. The new swatchbook also features stock listings, in-depth paper information including physical properties, technical notes, and specific printing resources.

The cover of the Beautiful Collection Swatchbook is printed on Mohawk Superfine, Smooth, White, 130 Double Thick Cover. Details pages are printed on Mohawk Options, Navajo Smooth, Brilliant White, 80 Text.

While the Swatchbooks are tactical in nature, Mohawk is also planning a series of smaller-scale inspiration pieces, for education and inspiration, and also as a nod to Mohawk’s renowned Maker Quarterly’s approach to storytelling centered around a singular idea or concept. In this instance, The Beautiful Collection celebrates ‘Make a Memory,’ which tells the story of Lost Art Salon, a San Francisco-based gallery specializing in the rediscovery of historically significant artists who have been lost to time.

Lost Art Salon curates fine art-unique paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, and objects—from lesser-known artists who co-owners Gaetan Caron and Rob Delimiter find historically and aesthetically significant. ‘Make a Memory’ weaves the narrative of Lost Art Salon alongside a breakdown of the attributes that make the Beautiful Collection of papers, specifically Mohawk Superfine, the only suitable paper to tell this story due to its unique properties.

“We are excited to launch both of these tools as part of our Paper With A Plan campaign. Showcasing the Beautiful Collection along with the work of Lost Art Salon felt true to the legacy of the brands. We believe that the history of art can be rewritten and that beauty, however obscure, should always endure.” shared Melissa Stevens, CRO for Mohawk.

‘Make a Memory’ is printed on Mohawk Superfine, Eggshell, Softwhite, 80 Cover and demonstrates metallic ink, dense blacks, and 4 color-process along with stunning artwork. It also demonstrates that high-performance, superb formation papers bring out the best in photography, illustrations, and solid ink coverage.

The Beautiful Collection Swatchbook was printed by Fey Printing of Wisconsin Rapids WI, and the Beautiful Collection Inspiration Piece ‘Make a Memory’ was printed by Kirkwood Printing Company of Wilmington MA.