Pantone Moves To A More Digital Future

Pantone is releasing the newest iteration of its first all-digital platform, Pantone Connect. The move highlights Pantone’s increased focus on creating products and services address the designer’s changing workflow that merges the physical and digital space. Notably, Pantone has created a version of the product that includes the ability to build a full project in the platform, and to communicate with colleagues, partners and clients. This includes mood boards, palette creations, and collaboration tools.

To help bring Pantone into the digital future, the company welcomes digital veteran, Elley Cheng as General Manager. Cheng is tasked with overseeing all the Pantone products and services; she brings over 20 years of experience in strategy and finance at technology and digital media companies, including Shutterstock and Adobe.

Pantone will unveil the Pantone Connect product at its first virtual event launch exclusive to the design community on November 16th, which will feature top designers, such as Joe Perez, who will discuss the use of the platform and their creative process.