Tré Seals Designs Spike Lee Monograph

Custom Fonts Based On Radio Raheem’s Brass Knuckles

Tré Seals is a Washington DC-based designer best known for his type foundry Vocal Type, where he designs fonts inspired by protest movements throughout history. Now he is making his debut as a book designer with SPIKE, a visual celebration of Spike Lee’s life and career to date and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of his films.

The deluxe hardcover book, to be published by Chronicle Chroma in November, is the first career-spanning monograph on the acclaimed filmmaker. Spike Lee opened his archive, providing an inside look at his work and creative process. Taking readers film by film, the book is packed with hundreds of stills, revealing on-set photos, and personal photographs, as well as extensive quotes and captions. Seals created several custom fonts for the book inspired by Radio Raheem’s iconic LOVE/HATE brass knuckles from Do the Right Thing.


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