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Most creative professionals would agree that better time management can lead to higher profits and overall team efficiencies.

Productivity equals profitability, but both are difficult to maintain if you don’t have a clear idea of where time — any agency’s most valuable resource — is going. Whether you are an in-house team with no billable hours, charge by the hour, by the project, or through a retainer, keeping track of time is fundamental to success.

That’s why the use of appropriate timesheet and project management software is so important. As a creative professional, you don’t have time to deal with generic timesheet software designed for any business that charges out time. But neither do you have time to manage individual clients, projects, tasks, billing, and employees across multiple solutions all by yourself.



Get the Right Info

Ideally, a creative leader needs a timesheet and project management software that tracks information specifically for — and essential to — creative professionals. Here are 4 things your time and project management solution must do to be effective:

  • Sort Billable from Non-billable time

    While it’s good to know how many projects the agency is managing per client, it’s even more important to see how many billable and non-billable hours are being spent per client or department, how much time is left until projects are delivered, and what the KPIs of each project are.

  • Understand Staff Workload

    You need to know when your team is overworked. If this imbalance is not addressed in a timely manner, you will eventually have much bigger problems that cannot be helped by time management software.

  • Know Your Project Managers

    How many projects each project manager handles and how many hours they work is also important information that helps owners manage new department, client and projects. For example, if you know that all your project managers are busy, you may have to increase staffing, or stop taking on new projects until you are certain that you have the capability to handle the extra work.

  • See Where You Stand

    It is invaluable to see how many hours have been entered compared to how much time is left before the project completion deadline. Detailed reporting is key to stay on track, on deadline and / or budget.



What will you do with more time?

With effective time management software helping you keep track, you could have dozens of extra hours each month. What will you do with all this time? Use the hours to get new projects, train your staff, plan for the future, or spend more time with your family.

If you improve your time management, you can improve your bottom line — and enjoy a better balance between family and work. Your search for the right time and project management software will be over. It’s as simple as that.

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