Four Tips To Help Identify A Good Match

Message From Diane Domeyer, Executive Director Of The Creative Group

No doubt, it’s an exciting time to be working in the design industry. Companies and agencies are hiring creative professionals who can help with new and ongoing initiatives – and employment opportunities are growing. In fact, 60 percent of advertising and marketing hiring managers surveyed by The Creative Group said they plan to expand their teams in the first half of 2019.

As you embark on a job search, you may be eager to jump at the first offer that comes your way. But think carefully before accepting. Beyond an attractive salary and benefits package, career advancement potential and work-life balance perks, as well as organizational culture fit can all have a big impact on your overall job satisfaction. Here are four tips to help identify a good match:

  1. Define what you’re looking for. Consider what type of environment you prefer in terms of people and technology. Do you value teamwork? How important is it to have access to the latest and greatest technology? Be honest but realistic when prioritizing what matters most to you.
  2. Prepare questions for interviews. Inquiring about dress code, typical business hours, collaboration styles, training opportunities and team-building activities can give a lot of insight into the organization. Even posing a simple question like “Why do you like working here?” can be very telling.
  3. Take an office tour. During an interview, ask if you can see the areas of the building you would be working. Observe how people interact and the equipment they’re using. Do employees generally seem happy and engaged? Can you see yourself as part of the team?
  4. Do some research. If you’re still uncertain about whether you would be comfortable in the work environment after visiting it in person, go online. Sites like LinkedIn or Glassdoor can tell you what others are saying about the company. A recruiter who has placed people in jobs at the organization will also have a strong sense about what types of employees thrive there.

Knowing your must-haves when it comes to corporate culture is vital when evaluating a new position. It’s important, however, to also be balanced in your approach and not set too narrow parameters. Being willing to get experience and explore unanticipated options can lead to exciting opportunities you might not have contemplated. I wish you the best of luck as you begin your creative career!

Diane Domeyer is Executive Director of The Creative Group, a specialized staffing service placing interactive, design, marketing, advertising and public relations professionals with a variety of firms. For more information, visit