Bulletproof Cleans Up Oscar Mayer Package Design

Bulletproof has refreshed the packaging design for Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs to coincide with a recipe changes to its entire line of products. With growing consumer skepticism about artificial preservatives, added nitrates and nitrites and by-products, sales of hot dogs have been in decline. Client Kraft Heinz briefed Bulletproof to create a new package design for Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs that would simultaneously communicate taste and quality ingredients.


Bulletproof comments: “To reinvigorate Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs for future generations, we looked to the brand’s rich past and discovered a distinct asset, which held tremendous relevance in this age of cleaner ingredient lines. Going all the way back to the man himself, we found that Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs were originally wrapped in a simple yellow paper band, which soon became a beacon of quality and consistency at a time when the meat industry was untrusted.” The firm’s “Iconically Oscar” design platform pairs a modernized version of the yellow band with simple food photography. The band “enrobes” the product.  Christian Badger, Brand Manager at Kraft Heinz said: “Oscar Mayer is the first national brand to renovate its entire line of hot dogs to have no artificial preservatives in its meat, no added nitrites or nitrites, and no by-products … Bulletproof’s iconic design perfectly encapsulates this …”

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