Sweet Spot For Skittles Sub Brand

Mars Wrigley has launched Skittles Giants, a larger, softer-centered version of the original fruit candies, with brand and package identity by Straight Forward Design.  The sub brand needed to strike the right balance between differentiation from the core brand and celebrating the new product. “Evolving the core brand for a new product is all about balance,” says Mike Foster, founder and creative director of Straight Forward Design. “Working within the existing Skittles brand architecture and color palettes and hitting a sweet spot between the new and familiar are the keys to success.” In order to achieve this, the familiar Skittles rainbow colorways are used in abundance. Images of the larger-scale candies dominate, the new ‘3x Bigger!’ is headlined, and the Giant’s softer-centered texture is signposted. A quirky influencer pack, a brightly branded box with a series of Skittles-centric props to accentuate the big and small aspect of the Giants versus the original-sized product. “It’s perfect for showcasing across social media,” says Foster. “And a great way to generate fresh interest and re-engage with existing fans.”