New Coors Look Brewed by Turner Duckworth

MillerCoors is rolling out new Coors Light logos, typefaces, imagery, and packaging. The brewery teamed up with Turner Duckworth, the San Francisco-based design agency that helped take Miller Lite back to its original white label. The rebrand has given a new ”emotional positioning” conveyed though bigger, bolder imagery that also reflects the new positioning “Born in Rockies.” Packaging changes downplay the “cold-activation” gimmick in favor of messaging that plays more on the brand’s heritage as being “born in the Rockies.”



The Coors Light design changes are not nearly as drastic of Miller Lite’s package revamp. The red Coors script changes are subtle, with “Light” being rendered in a slimmer font and in black rather than white. One interesting twist: the new cans have a matte finish that is intended to make the beer appear colder. Turner Duckworth has also added two supporting logos, one with the “S” in Silver Bullet rising up and the other a rounded heritage version of the Coors brand.