A Day In The Life Of An Academy of Art University Film Student

September 11, 2019

A Day In The Life Of An Academy of Art University Film Student

This is Sam Bear. Like many incoming freshman, he was not entirely sure he was where he was supposed to be when he first started out at Academy of Art University.

A year into his art school journey, he now feels a lot more confident and secure about his choice to attend the Academy. He shares with us his entire day in a nutshell and a peek into what life is like as a School of Motion Pictures & Television student:

7:00 AM – Commodore Dorms

Sam starts his day early–he gets up at 7 in the morning, prepares himself for the day, and gets ready for classes.

10:00 AM – Sutter Street, SF

At 10AM, he gets on the Academy shuttle service that brings him from his dorm to his class. This service is actually free for students; all they have to do is bring their student IDs and hop on board! The shuttle takes students to all of our campus locations including campus housing and academic and administrative buildings.

11:00 AM – Production Design Class

The Production Design class he attends is being taught by Instructor Boxell. In this class, they learn about the different components in a film’s production, such as costumes, props, set, etc. All the necessary basics in filmmaking, actually, which in fact is one of the reasons why he ultimately decided on going to the Academy. “It’s really the perfect balance of theory and experience,” he said.


2:00 PM – Townsend Street in San Francisco

During break, he hangs out with his friends, like-minded individuals who are also into creative projects, thus making them perfect collaborators on current and future film projects.

3:00 PM – Directing Actors Class

Sam describes himself as a naturally shy person; so on the day of his “Directing Actors class,” he was pleasantly surprised to find that it turned out to be his best session. “Even two weeks ago, when we were told by our instructor that we will all notice the difference in our last session how much we’ve improved, I didn’t believe her. Now I fully do.”


9:00 PM – Commodore Dorm

After a long day in school, Sam hangs out in his dorm listening to music and hanging out with friends. Again, sharing cool projects with each other is a highlight of his day. “I know I am making lasting friendships with people I will collaborate with in the future, and that’s very meaningful to me.”

11:30 PM – Commodore Dorms

As he turns down the lights, he answers his own question that he had when he first started out in the Academy: “Did I make the right decision in choosing to study at Academy of Art University? 100 percent yes.”

But you know what, this is his story after all. So we’ll let Sam Bear show you instead. Catch a glimpse of what it really is like to be an art student at Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

We can’t wait for more students to create and enjoy their own days in the life experienced within Academy of Art. Like Sam, though, we hope that they also take the first step to being here.

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