Pentagram Brings Netflix To Print

Queue is the new journal from Netflix. Presented in an oversized format, the publication offers a place for the global streaming service to share stories and provide insight into the process of creating great entertainment for the platform. Pentagram worked closely with Netflix to create the look and feel of the journal, including the name, brand identity and editorial design, as well as art direction and messaging.



The central challenge was extending the Netflix experience to a print publication that would represent the company, which produces and presents a wide range of content across different categories, and yet still feel cohesive. The design highlights this diversity right from the start: the name itself is a call back to when the company first began to stream and members would add shows to their lineup of what to watch next; the tone of voice and visual personality is smart, engaging and universal; and the look and feel is inspired by stylish journals as well as classic movie magazines of the 1950s and 1960s to give readers insider behind-the-scenes access to stars and production.



To set itself apart, yet still feel like part of the Netflix brand universe, “Queue” establishes its own presence with hints of Netflix elements. The iconic red Netflix monogram shows on the spine, and the brand colors of red, black and white are subtly integrated into the cover and table of contents, while the cover design features a large letter “Q” with the new logotype as the tail. The letter doubles as a window into the platform’s world.



The Pentagram team also helped shape the journal, working on the structure and pacing and creating features and departments to showcase all sorts of content, as well as creating headlines and decks to set the tone. Credits go to Pentagram New York partners Luke Hayman and Emily Oberman; a project team that included Shigeto Akiyama, Laura Berglund, Timothy Cohan, Ryan Smith, Jenny Hung, Shira Inbar, Shannon Jager, and Joey Petrillo; and Ayanna Quint as photo editor.