Erickson Stock Now Offering Video Stories for Inspiration

They say the best stories are the ones you have a personal connection to.

Known for his high-quality, emotional lifestyle imagery, renowned motion and still assignment photographer Jim Erickson has used his stunning video content to create a series of video spots featuring character-based narratives that will inspire you to tell your brand’s story.

Jim’s finished spots, viewable on, can be customized with your own narrative, changing the story to suit your needs, or you can hire Jim and his team to write something for you.


For decades, countless clients and top agencies worldwide have trusted Jim’s award-winning style. Whether you’re building a large brand campaign or just looking for new inspiration, Erickson Stock is the perfect resource.

With a speciality in seniors, Erickson Stock’s distinctive image and video collections feature clips and finished spots that work for the insurance field, medicine and healthcare, including physical therapy, hospitals, and wellness programs, and much more.


Searchable content libraries feature over 70,000 still images and over 15,000 video clips and finished spots. Categories include business, industry, people, families, medical, home healthcare, fitness, wellness, travel, and more, all available online for commercial licensing.

Check out Jim’s latest stories at