Latina Moms Run The Household

Guest Blogpost by Luis Fitch and Carolina Ornelas, co-founders of Minneapolis-based cross-cultural design agency UNO Branding. Visit their website to read the entire piece and learn more about the principals

In Hispanic Latina culture, the mother is the center of the household, ensuring its continuous and efficient operation. From the vegetables required to the type of toilet paper being bought, and more, these moms have a significant voice in the brands and products that enter the household. As such, by understanding them and aligning their marketing strategies based on this target, CPG brands can increase their revenue in a cost-effective manner.

Latina Moms Have a Major Voice in Education

Culturally, Hispanic Latina mothers have a dominant role in ensuring that their children receive a good education. Whether it is books, bags, lunches, clothes or stationary, Hispanic Latina moms have a strong voice in the products and/or brands that are required to ensure a proper education. As such, it makes sense for CPG brands to target them.

Latina Moms Feed the Family – Literally

When their culture is viewed, it is evident that Hispanic Latina moms are in charge of feeding the entire family, including the children, husband and his family. As such, they have a strong voice in the food that enters the household. Whether it is the vegetables, fruits, meat or the drinks, they play a major role in what the family consumes.


Latina Moms are Influenced Strongly by Brands

According to a research by the AHAA, the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies, the Hispanic Latina community is strongly influenced by brands. The data suggests that the community believes that a strong brand provides clear communication of the product’s exceptional quality. In fact, according to the study, many do not purchase goods unless it is a ‘hot brand’.


Current Efforts are Proving to be Highly Lucrative

Interestingly, according to market research, most medium and large CPG brands are reallocating a significant portion of their resources towards Hispanic Latina mothers. With their expenditures expected to grow at almost 6% a year, it is evident why most CPG brands are targeting the prime customer. With research supporting the claim, it is evident that the Hispanic Latina market is one of the biggest and most lucrative markets in existence. By targeting a major focal point of these households, CPG brands have access to a major relatively untapped market.