Neenah’s Explore 6 Adds Curb Appeal To Real Estate Marketing Materials

Did you know that a reported 70% of buyers and sellers use the first realtor they contact? What does that mean for graphic designers? Well, with 1.3 million members of the National Association of Realtors, that means there is a very large niche market in need of good design.

In the newest volume of its ongoing Explore series, Neenah takes a look at designing for the real estate market.

07_EXPORE_06-13730 COPY

A strong visual presentation in the real estate market can make or break that crucial first impression, as well as that all-important lasting impression. Explore 6: Considerations for Real Estate contains creative examples designers and printers can use to help their real estate clients think beyond the typical mailer or printing on the standard white paper, and instead produce marketing materials that will resonate with clients and ultimately convert to sales.

In addition to the outer slipcase, Explore 6 holds 16 printed samples using a variety of papers from the Neenah Digital portfolio. Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find inside.


This piece explores four different business card ideas. 72% of people judge a business based on the quality of their business card and with 27,000,000 business cards printed every day, using an irresistible color and/or texture can set your real estate client apart from the masses.


70% more people remember the name of a business that has communicated with them in a tangible way. In real estate, developing partnerships such as with a local moving company can broaden networks. This miniature moving box stuffed with treats can help sweeten the deal.


A realtor’s success is built on relationships. Personalized pieces can increase response rates by 500%. Creating a hyper-localized lifestyle brochure can create an instant connection to a neighborhood or community.


Who can say no to chocolate? This easy-to-do custom wrap is a creative way to thank open house attendees, and leave them with your creative calling card.

Though real estate is the focus for Explore 6, these concepts are transferrable to many markets, from hospitality to promoting any local business. Creative use of digital print with interesting paper color and texture combinations can help get the attention any business needs to create awareness, develop relationships and get that coveted sale.


All of the dielines used in Explore 6 (and in the entire Explore series) are available for free download. Neenah knows working on smaller-scale projects can be as time-consuming as any project, so why reinvent the wheel?