Jim Erickson Imagery Sheds Sensitive Light On Seniors and Aging

Blogpost by Gordon Kaye, Editor, GDUSA

I have long admired Jim Erickson. Yes, he is one of the nation’s preeminent commercial still and motion  photographers. Yes, he has created timeless imagery for hundreds of blue chip clients. Yes, he has won over 100 awards from the most respected publications and organizations. And yes, some of my favorite conversations of recent years have been with him.

But what has moved me is his uncanny ability to capture the humanity of his subjects, to make an emotional connection, to show us the inner lives of real people — their strengths and frailties, hopes, fears and uncertainties, their loves and their loneliness, the profundity of natural and spontaneous moments. Erickson’s range is wide but his specialty, my favorite areas at the moment, involve shedding new light on healthcare, seniors and aging — and anyone who has viewed his recent photography and videos around these existential themes will understand what I mean. Everyone knows someone who is aging.


This is why it is great news that a significant portion of Jim Erickson’s work is now easily accessible through a thoughtfully structured and newly designed Erickson Stock website.

For decades, Jim and his teams have generated thousands of images and stock video clips in order to supply clients who demand super-consistent, assignment-quality, stock photography and video content. The new site adds to and enhances all of this:  with an easy-to-use e-commerce capability; with affordable Royalty Free offerings to complement the traditionally Rights-Managed work; with featured collections that run the gamut from Business to Families to Travel to Animals as well as the aforementioned Healthcare, Aging, Seniors and more.


Perhaps most novel, the site spotlights pre-packaged spots with a light on aging and are perfect for use, in whole or part, by brands that want to be associated warmth, authenticity, and a fleeting moment well told.

Visiting the new Erickson Stock site is an exceptional experience.