Spring Design Partners Bring Back Swizzle Stick

A classically trained chef, entrepreneur David Kanter loves cocktails, and he aspired to perfect classic cocktails by using traditional methods and high quality ingredients. The result is a new product launch — a single-serve, pre-mixed, full proof, and ready-to-drink bottled cocktail. For branding, Kanter turned to Spring Design Partners. The designers drew inspiration from the time when America’s love of the cocktail was born — The Prohibition Era — and the related name of Bamboozlers, whose original meaning was to be tricked or hoodwinked but that evolved into a slang term for describing a good drink. The branding system “tells a story of refined elegance with an edge.” The tie that binds is the swizzle stick across all the drinks, but each cocktail is identfied with an additional unique icon that connects to the Prohibition era.