The GDUSA Podcast #11: Michele Pistone of Neenah

This podcast is sponsored by NEENAH and the IDEA SHOP BY NEENAH, a place for print and package designers to browse and explore inspirational ideas for paper-based products.

Paper is Michele’s world. With 25+ years in the industry, she’s seen a lot of changes. Watching technology infiltrate every aspect of our lives, she believes paper and print has evolved to a point where it can be considered a new medium. People respond to beautiful print, unique substrates and tangible things more than ever before. The right paper can be the critical factor that not only elevates a brand but helps define it – increasing shelf presence, brand equity, and response rates while driving sales.

As the Marketing Manager at Neenah, Michele works on strategies, new ideas and tactics that keep Designers, Brand Managers and others who specify paper confident in paper specification, connecting them with Neenah’s sales team and resources to provide solutions for packaging, print collateral, label, gift cards, direct mail and digital printing.

You can find Michele on LinkedIn and Neenah on Instagram and on their website.

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Podcast art by Maliya Naz