The Road To A More Creative, Meaningful Career

Climbing a career ladder can be challenging and exciting. But, as we work for better opportunities, leadership roles and financial rewards, many of us are also questioning what advancement means, and wondering what a satisfying career looks like. Is a traditional path enough, or is it possible find real meaning in work and make a difference in the world? And, do we have to choose one over the other?

On your own, it’s hard to make a leap to bigger, better projects or more money. And, on your own, it’s hard to explore options to turn your desire to have social impact into reality. The way to transform your opportunities forever is to discover the road to a purpose-driven career with a graduate degree from the School of Visual Arts Design for Social Innovation program. An MFA IN SOCIAL DESIGN is the first step in becoming the designer and change-maker you strive to be.

DSI alumni are working as creative leaders and designing with impact at the same time. Each of the following graduates has transformed his or her career into one that uses core strengths and design skills to deliver great client outcomes that also meet their personal career goals. Their stories prove that the investment in you can have fulfilling payoffs. Here are a few of the SVA DSI graduates’ stories.


Designer as Education-Driver, Minecraft Education at Microsoft

Sara Cornish,’14, just took a job that will likely change the future of education. When she came to DSI with an undergraduate degree from Vassar in Urban Studies, she only knew she wanted to use design to make a social impact. She loved her game design class so much she went to work for her faculty’s organization, Games for Change. Microsoft liked her so much when they met her there that they asked her to help make education more student-centered with Minecraft.



A Textile Designer Who Became a Business Innovation Designer

Tanvi Kareer ’17, came to DSI with a degree in textile design, and a strong desire to help people. At DSI she added research, leadership, entrepreneurship, prototyping, communication design and technology skills, and used her new connections to a network of leaders and collaborators. Now, Tanvi is a Design Researcher at Doblin, where she works on innovation for global businesses.



Graphic Designer to Healthcare Design Strategist

Bruno Silva got his undergraduate degree in graphic design at SVA. After school, he got a job as an interaction designer. But, he was bored, and frustrated with the limitations of his role. He knew he wanted to contribute more and, also, make a difference. Through the program, he got a job at the Arnhold Institute for Public Health, and is now their Head of Design and Product Development. Bruno is leading strategic initiatives at the largest health care institution in New York.

If you’re fulfilled doing what you’re doing, keep going. If you want a more exciting career with purpose, APPLY for the Fall 2018 cohort at DSI.