Webinar Presents Practical Advice On Color

I hear from many, many designers about many, many of their challenges. A common gripe is how hard it is to choose optimal colors and color combinations, especially when designing for the web.

That’s why I am happy to share with you that Monotype is addressing just this topic. Entitled Color Is Relative, this free webinar follows up on Monotypes very popular webinar focused on web fonts. As I am sure you know, the company is a leading global provider of typefaces, technology and expertise for our community. In describing the color-themed webinar, Monotype states: “In design, we rely on color to accentuate key tasks, indicate links, differentiate data and sometimes just bring the pretty. So what happens when the colors we pick aren’t the colors the reader sees?

coadyIn this free webinar, designer and illustrator Geri Coady explains how important color is to imparting essential information, and how chromatic choices create more confusion than clarity.”

Coady is a self-described “color-obsessed freelance designer and illustrator (and occasional photographer)” is a well-known author and speaker on the topic, as well as a design advisor to many high-profile clients. She will cover, among other things: (1) The different ways people perceive color (2) How those perceptions can affect a site’s UX and usability and (3) Practical advice on how to create attractive, accessible designs.

I have watched the Color Is Relative webinar, and I would recommend it highly. Registration and download are free and easy.