Learn How IBM Maintains Brand Fidelity In A Global Market

A New Monotype Webinar On Achieving Greater Brand Consistency And Engagement

When you’re creating global products with hundreds of designers working in dozens of locations around the world, maintaining brand consistency is a Herculean challenge.

Yet with today’s consumers, size is no excuse. All companies, from small start-ups to enormous global organizations, are expected to offer the same seamless and consistent brand experiences. But with more moving parts, countless staff to coordinate, and a wide range products and services to address, larger companies have a seemingly endless series of obstacles standing in their way.

Hayley_Hughes_Bio_Image_BWBut it is possible. For its next webinar, How IBM Designs for a Global Market (August 9th, 1pm EDT), Monotype has teamed up with IBM’s Design Language Lead Hayley Hughes (pictured left) for an exclusive look into how IBM approached this challenge. The webinar will detail how IBM improved brand consistency on a global scale and the measurable impact this had on brand engagement. Hughes will also show how IBM tackled workflow and documentation, the challenges system fonts posed for global consistency and quality, and the lessons they learned along the way.

At IBM, Hughes leads the effort to grow a design language for thousands of IBM products. Her aim is to create a set of living guidelines that are flexible for designers, evolve with modern practices, and reflect the experiential qualities of IBM. She empowers product teams to transform human needs into thoughtfully made products. Before joining IBM, Hughes researched and designed civic engagement prototypes with the mayor and city council of Raleigh, North Carolina.

How IBM Designs for a Global Market follows up on previous Monotype-hosted webinars on typography, technology, and branding.

Tune in on August 9th for How IBM Designs for a Global Market to get unique insights and guidance from a major global company that has overcome the challenges of maintaining brand fidelity on a worldwide scale.