2023 GDUSA American Cannabis Graphics™ Showcase

With the cannabis marketplace broadening – 23 states and the District of Columbia have now legalized cannabis consumption – graphic, brand, package and retail design have a vital role to play in differentiating products and services, educating consumers, burnishing brands and elevating the entire industry. Our American Cannabis Graphics Awards™ generated several hundred entries. Here are some standout selections that showcase the power and the potential of graphic design to be a game-changer.

Cannabis Graphics Awards Gallery

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Winners are listed alphabetically by name of design organization or firm.

Cannabis Graphics Awards Winners

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Bud’s Goods & Provisions
Bud’s Goods & Provisions /Hand LLC / Double Solitaire
HLYSTUDIO/Haley Griffith
Hugh McCormick Design Company
Jorel Dray Design


Mangold Design
Nelson Schmidt
OneTwo Media
Puff Bar
Test Monki
Winter Holben Architecture & Design