Brad Magner

Shown: Strategic Coordinator Vanessa Nguyen, Senior Art Director Brad Magner, Designer Dallas West


Here at The Republik, we’ve assembled a team of free thinkers willing to push one another into powerful collisions of insight that dismantle the tenets of size, money and power to meaningfully impact lives. Helping underdogs everywhere defy the odds.

Just one of the reasons I joined The Republik. This refreshing mindset and approach to navigating a sometimes jaded industry dovetails nicely with the way I personally, and professionally, feel about the responsibility we have to use our creative talents for the greater good. Our approach to design is informed and based on strategy and collaboration with the client. Not just doing really cool stuff, but doing really cool stuff that fits the brand and voice of each client.

Tell us how and why you became involved in socially responsible communications, any thoughts on why design can be an especially effective tool for this goal, and, if you wish, give us an example of a project of which you are proud.

Growing up an Air Force Brat and moving around every few years, I was immersed in different cultures and developed a global way of seeing things. I also had a front-row seat to witness the sacrifices and dedication of our Military at different bases from Verdun, France to Topeka, Kansas. Being at The Republik, I’ve seen the incredible work they have done with the Army’s Army and Heroes Homecoming — “watching over those who watch over us”. I have always sought out non-profits and arts organizations to help them get their message out with limited budgets and big ideas. Working with clients like United Arts Council and North Carolina Museum of Art has inspired me to get involved with serving the under-served. Recently, here at The Republik, we have taken on some big opportunities with Fayetteville State University and will soon be working with Carolina Tiger Rescue.

Given the confluence of events and challenges our society now faces, does this moment in time present any special opportunities, urgencies, obstacles to designing for good.

There is a lot of noise out there and breaking through all that is not easy. Developing campaigns that are compelling and engaging has always been the challenge. With multiple platforms and ways to reach an audience, the opportunities are there. Working with clients who have limited means and unlimited passion for their cause pushes us to help them impact lives and defy the odds.