Blue Skies For Arizona Non-Profit

Designing To Combat Poverty

AZURA is a nonprofit that provides a myriad of solutions that impact poverty from veteran services to childhood literacy to foster care. David Langton Creative developed the name and brand strategy from the words Arizona + Future, combining key letters from each. Langton notes that “we also leveraged the concept of the blue skies of Arizona, which symbolize hope and possibility.” The project also included a website, as well as a Brand Guidebook with messaging guidelines, color, and typography standards.  Project credits include art direction by David Langton, design by Jim Keller, and naming and content strategy by Bonnie Rothman of Company B and Julie Cottineauof BrandTwist. Concludes Langton: “This project excites us because it’s more than just a brand redo — it’s a reimagination of what the organization can be.”