Millward and Millward LLC


Ruth and Peter Millward write:

At Millward and Millward, we’re honored to have as our clients talented firms from the commercial building industry. These include architects, engineers, constructors, and landscape contractors. Because it’s almost second nature for them to create projects which are socially and environmentally sound, communicating their work inspires us to follow suit. Many of our clients’ projects are LEED Certified. Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design is a U.S. Green Building Council certification program which recognizes best-in-class building strategies and practices. Promoting such outstanding projects through our graphic design is a rewarding challenge.

Guided by our clients’ work, we strive to echo their environmental sensitivity in our own graphic production methods. We use Forest Stewardship Council-certified Text and Cover paper stocks. And here in the New York area, we collaborate with FSC-certified printing firms, those required to adhere to rigorous environmental standards before achieving chain-of-custody accreditation. Through the graphics work we produce for firms in the building industry, we help explain and promote their impressive accomplishments. In the process, designing for social good and sustainability has become a natural part of our firm’s culture and practice.


Over the past several years, Millward and Millward has been creating graphic communications for Winterberry Gardens Inc., a company based in Hartford CT. Winterberry’s commercial subsidiaries, EDI Landscape LLC and Winterberry Irrigation LLC, both address the environment through their work in commercial landscape construction and irrigation. These subsidiaries have engaged our services to help depict the work they do in the areas of rooftop gardens, highway planting, educational, medical, and corporate campus landscapes, hardscapes, and specialty fencing.

Our firm’s marketing projects for Winterberry Gardens have included initial branding plus the subsequent design of capabilities brochures, websites, and tradeshow displays. Of primary importance has been establishing an overall family look in all the design work we produce for EDI and Irrigation. Project photographs shown throughout their marketing communications tell the story of firms that strive to beautify and sustain the natural environment. This they accomplish through carefully-selected plantings to enhance property and through strategically-planned irrigation systems to nurture those plantings.

Winterberry Gardens’ desire to see their love of environment reflected through the work we create for their subsidiaries makes them an inspiring client.