Howell Creative Group


Known for strategic communications, dynamic design and outstanding creativity, the Howell Creative Group team works with clients across industries to produce innovative concepts that achieve its clients’ marketing goals. Kathy Howell, Howell Creative Group President and Creative Director, says: “A cornerstone of our business is working with nonprofit organizations. We consider ourselves lucky to be in the position to donate a significant amount of in-kind work, especially for projects that relate to the environment ‒ a passion our team shares. Whether it’s foster sea grass growth along the Chesapeake Bay or preserving historic tracts of the land, our profitable client relationships make it possible to donate this work and benefit our community. As a team we continually strive to be good citizens of the environment in which we live.”


For almost 10 years, Howell Creative Group has partnered with the Virginia Living Museum. The museum is an open-air facility where visitors can explore hands-on living exhibits and learn about the over 250 species of animals and plants native to Virginia. As a sanctuary for endangered and un-releasable animals, the VLM’s emphasis on conservation is central to their mission.

When the museum first came to Howell to help with their rebranding, they had a dated brand identity that didn’t capture the full scope of the multi-faceted facility. Howell took on the unique challenge of revitalizing the brand and repositioning the museum’s image, turning the focus from “museum” to “living.” These efforts, as Museum Director Page Hayhurst noted, “energized the community’s perception of the Museum as the premiere tourist attraction in Newport News.”

“We wanted to make it clear that the Virginia Living Museum is a place where living creatures flourish ‒ visitors can see and interact with live animals and study native plants,” explains Christy Keeler, Art Director. “We felt the playful otter was the perfect image for the museum, symbolizing both water and land.”

Howell Creative has continued its support of the VLM throughout the years, donating 100% of the development of a robust ecommerce website and mobile site, marketing materials, fundraising collateral and event branding to celebrate the organization’s 50th Anniversary “Enchanted Otter” Gala. In 2014-15, Kathy Howell served as President of the Board of Trustees and continues to serve on the Advisory Board. “It’s an honor to support an organization that is so dedicated to protecting and sustaining wildlife and preserving the many aspects of our natural world,” Howell says.