BBDO and Skippy Create Peanut Gallery

BBDO Minneapolis has created the Skippy Yippee! experience — aided by Click 3X and ClickFire Media  — a broadcast and interactive campaign that allows users to spread joyful ‘yippee!’ moments across the digital universe. In a nutshell, the goal was to communicate fun and variety, and the latest element is an online art gallery with peanut butter as the canvas.


The campaign began with  :15 and :30 second national television spots demonstrating the peanut selection process — that only the fun peanuts make it into a jar of Skippy Peanut Butter — using custom illustration, animation, and integration with live action footage to bring 3D peanut characters to life.

As part of a two-phase program to support the campaign, a Skippy Yippee! interactive experience was implemented across the website, Rich Media ad units and iADs to ensure the same happy experience across all digital devices and platforms. A team of interactive animators and producers created over 50 unique GIFs that were launched at the click of a “Fun Button.” A tracking counter allowed users to see how many “Yippee!” moments were being spread in real time. Over 14,000,000 ‘yippee moments’ were spread throughout our universe thanks to this campaign.


Phase two, launched in late spring, is Skippy Art, a virtual drawing tool that challenges people to create the ultimate peanut butter masterpiece for the online gallery.  To mimic the real-life gooey effect of drawing in peanut butter, the designers combined texture, color, depth and stroke angles to come up with the ultimate virtual peanut butter drawing experience.