Bernhardt Fudyma Forecasts Clear Skies For Relocation Industry Leader

Ineo had historically been structured around three semi-autonomous ‘pillars’, which were marketed separately based on their highly specialized capabilities, individual services, and focused product features. The problem the company faced was that this kind of “silo’d” marketing failed to showcase the company’s comprehensive suite of services. Bernhardt Fudyma Design Group was asked to create an integrated brand strategy; to reposition and market Ineo as a single source for its services; to position the company around the “how” and “why” of what it does; and to tell the singular and specific Ineo story that distinctively positions the company in its industry space.


After a comprehensive competitive landscape review and  interviews with internal stakeholders and clients, the designers were able to identify the industry space that Ineo can honestly claim — as a knowledge resource for the global relocation industry — and the emotional space that the company could own — inspiring confidence. The next step was to recommend that Ineo — whose name was not associated with of any of their products or services — move from a “house of brands” to a “branded house” to create a single-source resource to customers. Then  Bernhardt Fudyma created a graphic representation of “latitude/longitude” coordinates, each line representing one of Ineo’s three core service areas, and positioned the logo in the center of where these services intersect. Finally, the core brand imagery added aerial photographs of various cities around the world, with clouds clearing, to represent the clarity that Ineo brings to their clients’ global mobility challenges.


The project also included a new responsive website; a series of marketing communications and benefit sheets that both populate the website and are used for targeted client and prospect outreach; application of the branding to numerous other marketing components including the design of their annual tax guide, press releases and email newsletter templates;  a proposed advertising campaign suitable for a range of environments from online banners to outdoor applications; and comprehensive branding guidelines.