Blink Rebrand Is Mood Over Muscle

System Of Circles Signify Motion and Playfulness

Creative company Mrs&Mr has rebranded Blink Fitness, the national fitness brand with more than 100 locations. The new visual identity system refreshes the look and feel, and seeks to elevate the brand’s positioning as “aspirational, approachable and accessible to all.” Comments Kate Wadia, agency: “Through research, we uncovered that Blink’s unique selling point is ‘inner fitness.’ It’s mood over muscle. It’s how you feel versus how you look. A clear antidote to a category that reinforces intimidation and exclusion, we positioned Blink as the friendliest and most welcoming gym — one that makes it simple and easy to get on the road to inner fitness. It’s been a personal joy to rebrand and market Blink as the proud antithesis of other gyms.”



The new visual format is anchored in a system of circles that telegraph a sense of motion and playfulness. Circles were chosen as the distinctive visual equity for their welcoming and unifying quality. They are used prominently across the organization for patterns, photography, interiors and exteriors, on merchandise, and as the foundational element for all illustration. Vibrant hues of blue and orange define the distinctive color palette combination to promote an uplifting and upbeat feeling that translates well inside the gyms, in contrast to the darker color palettes of most other gyms.



To complement the system of circles, a sans serif font was selected for its openness and approachability and Mrs&Mr created custom letterforms for the Blink wordmark. The choice of lower case was to communicate an open and approachable tone, while the boldness of the letter establishes Blink as a proud, established national brand. The new branding has been implemented across digital media, the website, app and the interiors and exteriors of Blink gyms.



As part of the repositioning, “Feel good fitness – in a Blink” became the brand’s consumer-facing line. Beyond creative communications, this is said to now define the gym’s experience including, for example, equipment  designed to make working out as simple and easy as possible — from check-in to intuitive machines and workout cards to a Blink app with easy-to-follow workouts.