Cicis Moves Beyond Pizza With New Identity

On the heels of its 30th anniversary, Cicis has unveiled new branding and identity. The chain, with nearly 450 restaurants across the U.S., removed the word “pizza” from its name and added the modifier “Beyond Pizza,” acknowledging that Cicis also serves salad, soup, pasta, and desserts.

Cicis1The new logo is comprised of unique shapes of various colors converging around a central point, evoking variety and the idea of individuals coming together. The company worked with Sterling Rice Group of Boulder CO to develop the new brand position and prototype design, and Back Lot Productions of Atlanta GA to translate the design into a live restaurant.

The new design includes an entirely new color palette, and the look is being extended as well to packaging, website and a prototype restaurant layout. “We are incredibly excited about the direction our brand is headed, not just corporately but throughout our franchise and community as well,” said Cicis CEO Darin Harris. “We made sure to thoroughly study Cicis history and gain insight from many of our founding franchisees so we could honor our heritage as we build out the future of the brand.”