COLLINS Maps A New San Francisco Neighborhood

COLLINS was asked by San Francisco’s Greater Rincon Hill Community Benefit District to create a strong and unified neighborhood out of three separate areas of San Francisco. The result is The East Cut, a newly-formed downtown locality that seeks to combine the neighborhood’s cosmopolitan sensibility and its vital past.




The name references the Second Street Cut, a late 19th-century urban project while the identity speaks to the many layers of life found in a distinctly urban neighborhood.



The bold E represents the three districts of the neighborhood and helps create a graphic treatment highlighting and celebrating unique features, from the bridge to the bay, through video, photography, illustration and a color palette that combines architectural tones with the bright hues in order “to stand out and fit in.” The new name, symbol and identity program now signals both the place it occupies, as well as its reinvention.



Creative Credits at COLLINS: 
Matt Luckhurst, Chief Creative Officer
Steve Reinmuth, Creative Director
Erik Berger Vaage, Design Lead
David Nguyen, Design Director
Caroline Bagley, Designer
Christian Widlic, Senior Designer
Kris Wong, Motion Director
Anna Sternoff, Strategy Director
Ashley Kasten, Senior Producer