Thinkso Brings Women’s Suffrage To Central Park

After winning the city government’s approval to put the first statue of a real-life woman in New York’s Central Park, the Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony Statue Fund needed a high-impact capital campaign to help raise the money for a monument to the Woman Suffrage Movement. Thinkso jumped in to give the campaign a pithy and memorable name, a unique identity and a modern website with a strong call to action.


The campaign moniker physically marries the statue with its honorees: #MonumentalWomen. The hashtag helps position it as a modern initiative and make the campaign easily searchable on social media. And visual identity leverages the standout colors of yellow and purple, the traditional colors of the suffrage movement. Thinkso also armed their clients with pass-along postcards, buttons, a social media strategy and assets, and a fundraising guide.