Cotton Creates Generative Brand ID For Creative Week

Creative Week by The One Club for Creativity is a week-long, city-wide creative festival bringing together the global creative community to celebrate the best in advertising and design in New York City. The visual identity needed to capture the notion of celebrating the gathering of diverse creative voices. Cotton created a visual identity focused on the theme of gathering and diversity. Always in motion, just like the creative industries, the logo features generative letters of all colors that are perpetually coming in to form the words “Creative Week.”



A suite of three kinetic logos – horizontal, lockup, and acronym – allow the creative team to apply the mark broadly.



A generator was developed for the One Club creative team to create a wide range of applications for the event. Users can type in anything, choose a selection of six “favorite” presets, or play with the knobs directly to create the perfect custom graphic, either static or in motion. As a kinetic and generative identity, the application of the system to a range of branded moments throughout the event was a key measure of a successful output. To publicize the even, city-wide printed and digital graphics demonstrated the range of the system. For the festival, the graphics can be seen across branded coffee cups, lobby signage, a suite of instagram stickers, merchandise, and a take-home sticker sheet where even-goers can create their own Creative Week “C” compositions by stacking the semi-transparent stickers. Some applications dial up the energy while others lean into the harmony of the the letters.



Cotton also wrote a custom API for the Once Club team to utilize on header typography on web experiences. to activate it, the developers simply add the word “generative” to any html element, and it turns into a branded generative Creative Week header.