For Pearlfisher It’s A Dough Brainer

Doughnut Peddlar Becomes Bakeface

Doughnut Peddler was a company known by retailers for delivering fresh, convenient sweet treats daily but they lacked a strong brand promise to help them stand apart. In an effort to better connect with existing retailers and begin cultivating new relationships directly with consumer audiences, they went to Pearlfisher in search of a new visual identity.



The jumping off point for creative was creating a radically different name, Bakeface. This bold new name served as the strategic foundation for a new brand identity, aimed at helping the brand behave louder and prouder about its offerings. The new Bakeface brand tone of voice and overall look and feel is infused with an irreverent, playful attitude that would stand out on shelf and immediately make reaching for their products a “dough brainer” moment for consumers.



From photography and taglines to colors and typeface, their strategists and designers developed each brand world touchpoint to ensure that Bakeface could always own and celebrate its baked goods; crafting each detail with the intention of elevating Bakeface’s new value proposition: Never frozen. Always worth it.