Design Army Brings Much Needed Sweetness to the Campaign Trail

As one might expect in 2016 more brands from unexpected categories are getting political. Washington DC-based chocolate maker Harper Macaw has climbed on the bandwagon with the help of multi-disciplinary agency Design Army.


The Political Collection is a highly electable edition of proudly partisan chocolate, designed to give a refreshingly positive spin to the world of Washington politics, stir local pride, and shine a spotlight on the Capital’s creative, collaborative side. The Political Collection proudly wears its politics on its sleeve with six deliberately divisive red, white, and blue-wrapped designs.



Flavors include Red State, a blend of red berries and conservative dark chocolate, with a label featuring a capitalist white elephant attired in a raspberry-studded smoking jacket; and Left Wing, a defiantly democratic mix of dark chocolate and hazelnuts, with packaging proclaiming its liberal leanings.

HM_PS_Box_Red Stateweb

HM_PS_Box_Left Wingweb

The Political Collection mobilizes fans of politics and chocolate to stand up, get involved, and vote for chocolate they can really believe in at #votechocolate.