HOW Design Live Is A Challenge To Live Out Your Aspirations

Guest Blogpost by Amy Conover, Event Director, HOW Design Live

You know that feeling when you know you’ve picked out the perfect gift for someone? Something they could actually put to use, but treasure at the same time? And you’re practically tapping your foot waiting for them to open it? That’s me – right now! I’ve got a bad case of can’t-wait-itis for everything set to happen next month.

HOW Design Live touches down in Atlanta May 19-23 and if you’ve been before, you know “touches down” is a fitting description. HOW is a whirlwind of creativity, inspiration and connection. It’s not the sterile, stale coffee, even staler presentations kind of conference. It’s a call to arms. A challenge for you to live out your wildest professional and creative aspirations. With all the tools just sitting there for you take home with you!

HOW Design Live 1

HOW is unique every year, but I want to share some of what’s new and what I’m most excited about right now (oh, and if you’ve met me at past HOW events, you can picture me clapping excitedly if that helps!):

  • The HOW Connection, hosted by longtime HOW friend Stefan Mumaw, is back! Meet up with old friends, make new ones, and have some geeky designer fun while you’re at it. Everyone needs a conference buddy, right?
  • NEW: IGNITE Your Passion Project: A Side-Gig Seminar & Connecting Event with Terri Trespicio! Who doesn’t have a passion project? I know I do and I can’t wait hear from HOW Speakers and fellow creatives who have been there, done that, and want to share how it happened… all the ins and outs and ups and downs. You can’t miss this opportunity to connect with your like-minded passion project creatives to share, dream and get your idea off the ground!
  • Pixels of Fury! Oh, this is going to be good. We joined forces with Shutterstock to bring you a thrilling event billed as the chance to “design your assets off.” The pressure is on to create the most compelling work before the clock runs out. Cheer on the competitors, or test your mettle for yourself! A limited number of competitor spots and free tix are available!
  • It’s not HOW without a giant collaborative art project, and we’ve got a brand-new one: the Pantone Color Block Mural. You know those super-satisfying Pantone color chips? This is your chance to put them to use. Float away on a sea of creativity and 2198 C with us!

And these are just a few of my favorites … there’s a lot more where these came from!

HOW Design Live 2

Of course all of this creative fun is in addition to all of the career-boosting content you get at HOW (“part of a complete, balanced breakfast” as the commercials used to say):

I’m running out of time and I haven’t even told you about the Speed Coaching, the Table Topics, the Speaker Chats! You’ll have to check it all out yourself. Because once you come to HOW, you’ll be hooked.

HOW Design Live 3

Register now and you’ll save big on design’s biggest family reunion. So join your peers, your heroes, your creative community, your tribe. We’re here waiting with a pretty good present for you, if we do say so ourselves.