AIGA Announces Initiative With Wiki Education

Expanding The Design Canon

AIGA and Wiki Education have announced a new AIGA Wiki Scholars program to expand design histories including publicly recognizing historically excluded designers. Through a 6-week course that will being in January 2022, AIGA will launch a training program to expand and contribute to Wikipedia’s open access platform. “This creates a focused opportunity for our design community to proactively build and expand the stories, histories, and contributions of designers to our world,” says AIGA Executive Director, Bennie F. Johnson. “I am proud that we are taking steps to expand public knowledge, build more comprehensive design histories, and create a space for us to recognize designers who have shaped our culture and society.” AIGA participants will collaboratively improve and create biographies of designers and other artists currently missing or underrepresented on Wikipedia. “We know that the canon of design and designers has largely been limited and homogenous,” said Wiki Education Executive Director, Frank Schulenburg. “We’re excited that this partnership with AIGA will bring the magic of design to Wikipedia by expanding the canon, and more accurately reflecting the breadth and diversity of designers who contribute to our world.” Applications will open for AIGA designers to apply in October.